What Is The Equipment Professionals Use For Fire Damage Restoration

Restoring fire damage is something that must be performed quickly and efficiently. In order for it to be done in an effective way, one has to utilize proper equipment. But what are the tools that professionals use for fire damage restoration? Here is some of the most commonly used equipment for performing the restoration process correctly:



A recently burned area is usually a mess, regardless of the material that burned or the source of the fire. In order to reduce further damage on the long run, a quality degreaser should be used. A good degreaser will easily remove the grease from the burned area.


Chemical Cleaners

Typically the fire damage team will utilize different chemical cleaners to clean your walls, floors, ceilings, tile, carpet, furniture and personal belongings. The fire damage team takes the utmost care to try to save and salvage as much of your personal items as possible.


Air Movers

Commercial Air Blowers Used to Dry OUt Your Home
Commercial Air Blowers Used to Dry Out Your Home

It’s very important that you deal with the smog that builds up in the burned location, too. In order to help air come in and remove the smoke, one usually utilizes a tool called an Air Mover. They work similarly to a fan, and are essential for any sort of restoration process, since smog can be really troublesome if not quickly dealt with. For this reason, they are usually the first part of the restoration process, performed immediately after the initial assessment is finished and the restoration procedures have been planned.


Odor Control Sprays

A very unappealing odor is a common residue of burnt items. It’s also a very good idea to get rid this odor as soon as possible, and professionals commonly utilize odor control sprays for this purposes, so they can perform the restoration without having to deal with the odor.



Another important part of the restoration process is sealing the areas that might be a source of concern for the restoration team. Some heavily damaged areas in the property that could prove troublesome should always be sealed, so no one will go there and the professionals can safely work on the other areas.

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